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Predictive dialer campaign list management

Can I add more records to an already existing list that I’ve previously uploaded?

Yes. Just manually add or upload a new list. But make sure you set the “Lead Source” the same as your previous list.

2) What if I have two separate lists, can I run both simultaneously? If so, Will the dialer calls on both lists at the same time and connect calls to the agents from the list where the customer answers?

Yes. Just run two campaigns, each with its own list. And yes, it will call on both list at the same time.

It will connect to the agents that you selected for the campaign.

3) What is the recommended lines per agent? When I start a campaign it asks me for the # of lines. Is that per agent or is that total for all agents?

Normally 2. But if your agent is not getting that much calls, you should increase the number of lines.

The # of lines when you start the campaign is for the whole campaign, regardless which agent is on the campaign.

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