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How can I link my predictive campaign to my phone

A new customer on our cloud platform asked us a question: How can I link my predictive campaign to my phone? We were a little confused at first. We told him the software does not use his phone, it calls out to the customer list through our phone system. That answer seemed to make it more confusing for him.

It turned out that he was used to some old predictive dialer software where he must call in to the system in order to talk to customers. Some system would still show screen popup for the customer record, but the phone connections are completely separate. This type of technology was pretty popular about ten years ago when internet connection is not reliable and VOIP is just started. One big problem for that type of system is the you must call in to the system and stay connected all the time.

For Voicent predictive dialer, the screen popup and telephone audio are all handled on your computer. The software to use is Agent Dashboard, which you can use to make and receive phone calls, transfer, conference, record, and voicemail drop. Normally agent will use a USB computer headset (hands-free) to talk to customers.

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