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Voicent featured on Dealcrunch

“The Crunch: As companies try to gather more data — to enhance the consumer experience and their bottom lines — they often end up with disconnected solutions that negatively affect customer service. Voicent is a communications company that consolidates the information from those disparate channels — sales, marketing, and customer service — in one CRM, allowing businesses to be in sync with consumers. The company’s comprehensive cloud platform, Voicent Live, provides agents with complete customer profiles during calls and unearths data from voice channels. Voicent is also working on ways to automate the process through AI and machine learning to both enhance insights and allow businesses to streamline communications.”

Customers are often amazed when they realize the power of an integrated platform with built-in CRM, and many asked us “I wonder why nobody else does this”.

We know why – building such a system is not easy. It took us more than 10 years to integrate the various call center tools, CRM, and workflow automation seamlessly. Each of the tool, such as a call center grade predictive dialer, takes years of development and customer deployment to reach reliability and scaleability.

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