Multilingual Text-To-Speech Plug-In $249.00

Voicent Multi-lingual Text-to-Speech (TTS) Plug-In enables Voicent software to convert text-based messages into voice through telephone calls. These text messages usually include dynamically generated text, such as caller's name, account balance, address, personal information and any text you cannot record ahead of the phone call. It also comes handy when you do not want to record your voice message.

TTS Plug-In dynamically converts text to voice in the language based on your TTS voice engine. It plays the voice message over the phone. It can play mulitple text messages simultaneousely for mulitple phone calls at the same time.

Please note that TTS Plug-In does not include TTS engine or voice. Microsoft Windows Operating systems contain free TTS engine/voices, for example, on Windows 7 and Vista, the default TTS voice is called "Microsoft Anna". Microsoft Windows also offer TTS voice in other languague.

To select a TTS voice for Voicent, open Voicent Gateway, select Setup > Options > Text-to-Speech, then choose the voice you wish to use.