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Create An PBX Extension

PBX Extensions are branches of the original phone line meant for more specific usage, like a private office line, or sales team line. Every business has different parts, and our PBX system is designed for you to easily lay out extensions for each department, office, or other segment of the business.

To create your first PBX extension, go to Setup > PBX > Extension. You should see a page like this:

Once on this page, you’ll be able to setup an extension for an agent using our Agent Dashboard softphone, or a phone number. To get started, click the +Add button. Now, choose what number you want to use for the extension. After this, you’ll need to either select the Agent to transfer to, or leave that blank and click the forward button. By clicking the forward button, you’re telling our system to forward to a phone number that you will specify later.

If you selected Forward, then in the Forward To field, enter the phone number you would like to forward the call to. Otherwise, leave this field blank. If you would like for there to be a brief pause, put the number of seconds you wish to wait before transferring inside the field labeled Forward After.

Once you’re done, click the Save button to save your new extension. To test it out, make a call to your inbound phone line. You can either transfer the call to your new extension manually using our Agent Dashboard, or you can configure your Auto Attendant to do it for you. To learn how to set up an Auto Attendant to transfer to extensions automatically, read the following article:

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