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A Text Message Software for Your Business

As mobile phones overtake landline service in many homes, permission-based mobile communications becomes even more critical for businessmen.

In this article, we will consider how text message software can help businessmen distribute calls-to-action fast and to a wider base of population, motivating traffic and accumulating revenue.

Since most consumers have their mobile phone within reach and keep the device always on, they can respond to retailers’ discount offers, new product announcements and other calls-to-action anytime and anywhere, simply by sending a text message. Another benefit of SMS is the two-way communication that is achieved with the general population.

Indeed, SMS offers an easy and real way to connect with consumers when they are in the state of mind to make a purchase decision, keeping them informed on sales and new merchandises or directing them to the point of sale with mobile coupons.

Voicent BroadcastBySMS

BroadcastBySMS is text message sending software created by Voicent with two way interactive communications between the computer (can be a laptop or a desktop) software to a person using mobile phones, cell phones and other wireless devices who will receive the text message. It can be used to send customized messages to small or large groups. You can send group text messages in with just three simple steps. After which you can spontaneously accumulate and take note distinct responses.

How BroadcastBySMS works?

BroadcastBySMS is a very simple to use text message software;

First, you create a phone list or import a phone list from an excel file, next enter your text message; it could be a string that may contain hyperlinks.  Lastly, press send or you can schedule it from its built in calender when you want to send the message.

Main features of BroadCastBySMS

Text messages are quick and private, less pushy than making a call to person with a cell phone. That’s why texting has become the planet’s single most sensational way to communicate — beating even telephone calls!

  • Sending bulk text messages are easily done with just one button.
  • One common feature is its interactive text messaging that has automatic response processing.
  • Very user friendly spreadsheet in its user interfaces. You can customize it all according to what you think. As stated on “How BroadcastBySMS works?” you can import a call list from an excel file or simply copy-paste the phone list.
  • Another good user interface is its good built-in message designer.  This suits best for your businessmen for creating an appealing personalized text messages.  A calendar is also included for scheduling text messages.


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