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Local Phone Numbers

A virtual local phone number is a telephone number that directs incoming calls to the chosen telephone number/s by the owner of the local number from the list of existing telephone number. In businesses, virtual local phone numbers are used to have a local presence in a market of interest. For instance, a company located in France can have a local phone number in Singapore. Among call centers today, virtual local phone numbers are very popular, even though located in one country, when in fact they are located in another. People residing abroad used virtual local phone numbers to reach or call their friends and families at a local-call price rate. Virtual local numbers can be used with a company's private branch exchange (PBX) system. A virtual number provider allocates one or more trunk lines to a company's PBX, allocates a range of telephone numbers to this line, and forwards all calls via this trunk. When a call arrives to the PBX system, the dialed destination extension number is transmitted so the PBX system can route the call to the desired extension. On average, a local phone number costs one dollar per month. The cost savings also extend to the company's callers. With a virtual number on your phone or mobile, callers pay local rates when they call an organization. Virtual local numbers require no hardware and are easily configurable. When combined with a company PBX, or when calls are directed to IVR systems, a company can avoid purchasing physical lines for each employee and workstation a major cost savings for a large organization. Another advantage of having a virtual local phone number is that a company can offer individual phone numbers for each employee or workstation without requiring a physical telephone line for each number.

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