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Comparing Voicent with insidesales, five9, and mojo

Good afternoon. I am starting up a health insurance agency/brokerage office call center. I have industry experience managing call centers for independent brokerages, where we’ve used InsideSales for years. A friend of mine who is the manager of technology for a large drug store chain has used Voicent extensively and suggested I look into this while doing research on the available software. We have it narrowed down to Five9, Voicent, InsideSales, and Mojo Dialer. My question is two-fold:

1) Would you mind describing what your dialer offers that perhaps InsideSales (which I am familiar with) and Mojo do not?

First, thank you for contacting Voicent and thank your friend for the recommendation. Our customers are usually our strongest advocates. We have extensive feature listings on our website for each of our dialer products. Below are just a few major ones.

  • All Voicent dialers come with a built-in CRM.
  • All Voicent dialers are seamlessly integrated with a workflow engine.
  • Voicent offers both hosted dialers and on-premise software.
  • Voicent offers all types of dialers – auto dialer, predictive dialer, progressive dialer, preview dialer, power dialer, and click to call dialer
  • Voicent dialers support 3rd party CRM like salesforce, sugarCRM, Zoho CRM, and any CRM with web based access.
  • Voicent dialers offer extensive features and yet are easy to use.
  • Voicent dialers are part of a call center suite. The same agent and manager software can be used for inbound, outbound, and blended call centers.

Voicent provides a powerful communication platform that goes well beyond simple dialer functions. Because of the built-in CRM, all your date management are automatic and easy. For example, opt out management is completely automated. If you run an auto dialer campaign, and a prospect presses 9 to opt out, or if you run a predictive dialer campaign and your agent set the prospect to opt out, that information is automatically saved in the prospect’s CRM record. Any subsequent campaign will check the CRM record and never call the prospect again.

Campaign list management is also easy. Since all contacts and their contact history are kept in the CRM, you can simply create new campaign list by searching the CRM using various criteria, such as different state, area code, market segment, and previous contact status. One common practice on Voicent platform is to use auto dialer to do the initial contact using a press 1 campaign, then use predictive dialer to contact the prospects who expressed interest (pressed 1 in the auto dialer campaign), and then use text message or email to do further follow ups.

In addition to data management, the built-in workflow engine can automate many tasks for you. Another common practice is have your lead vendor, or your web site collect and push leads directly to Voicent CRM, and then have your dialers automatically call these leads. Or trigger an automatic email when certain campaign disposition is selected.

2) As a micro-call center in the beginning with only a few employees and agents, what would you suggest would be the best fit for our company, trying to maximize our production within a budget (I am not sure if you have an all inclusive software suite, or if it’s all pieced out like SMS, inbound, outbound, Email, and I’d like to have the ability to of course monitor and whisper etc. to my staff)?

All Voicent software tools are seamlessly integrated. These tools include dialers, PBX, IVR, CRM, workflow, text message and email broadcasters, and agent and manager tools. If purchasing the whole suite is over your budget, you could purchase individual tools first and then adding more later. The advantage of on-premise software is that you buy once and you own it. It is most secure and works with your existing phone system.

Another way to get your call center started is sign up to our hosted solution where you can access to all Voicent software. You simply pay a small monthly fee and your phone bill. You can set up your call center and start making calls in minutes.

My last brokerage used InsideSales to send out emails, SMS, leave voicemails when no on answered, schedule call backs, customize dispositions of calls, and have the ability to edit fields for our purposes. I liked the flexibility of those features, as well as the InsideSales performance tracking which would keep points and allow employees to see their names and achievements on the flat-screens around our offices. Thanks so much for your help

We have all these features and more. We do not keep points and achievement for agents. However, you can still track agent performance through our agent report and campaign report.

To find out more, you can download Voicent software or sign up to our hosted free trail.

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