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Dialer and SugarCRM integration

I’m interested in learning more about how your dialer integrates with SugarCRM

There is a Voicent and SugarCRM integration project listed on SugarExchange. The project is Voicent Predictive Dialer IntegrationThe integration code is open source. So you are welcome to download it and check it out. In addition, all Voicent programs have free trial version and can be downloaded from our website.

For the integration project, the key feature is the ability to click a button to launch Voicent dialer from SugarCRM web pages and automatically insert call result back to the sugar database. For details of Voicent programming interfaces, such as command line and web interface, please see Voicent developer section online.

Please follow this link below for an article that will give a more detailed explanation of how the SugarCRM experience with Voicent software can help you:
SugarCRM Auto & Predictive Dialer Integration

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