Advanced Gateway Interface | Overview

All Voicent's products are developed on a common development and deployment platform composed of Voicent Gateway, its client programming API, and its GUI simulation and design tool. This powerful platform, based on the standard HTTP/web protocol, enables you to develop your own interactive telephony and text messaging applications, in almost any program language.

At the heart of the platform is Voicent Gateway, a W3C standard based VoiceXML gateway and a 2-way SMS gateway. It can be deployed on any Windows computers, making it possible to develop and deploy Voicent-based solutions at a cost any small business or organization can afford.

For Interactive Voice/Telephony Applications

Based on the W3C VoiceXML standard, Voicent Gateway enables interactive voice access to the web and enterprise systems from any telephone.

Voicent Gateway requires no additional hardware when used with VOIP, such as a SIP-capable PBX system or SIP-based VOIP service, or Skype. Calls are made over the Internet to landline or cell phones. The gateway also supports regular analog phone lines through the use of a voice modem.

The Gateway also enables simultaneous phone calls by setting up multiple VOIP lines/channels or links to multiple analog phone lines on a single computer. For large scale applications, multiple gateways in different locations can be networked together through the web interface.

Voicent Gateway contains an outbound call scheduler that can be accessed through its HTTP interface.

For Interactive Text Messaging Applications

Voicent Gateway is also a 2-way SMS gateway which can send and receive text messages.

It does not require you to sign up with a SMS Center, but instead uses your own text message plan through the use of a GSM modem.

It contains powerful matching and text command processing capability that can take your application to the next level - true interactive text messaging.

It uses the same HTTP interface that is used for voice applications.

It uses the same outbound scheduler for managing outbound text messages

IVR Studio - GUI Designer For Your Interactive Apps

You can use IVR Studio to speed up the development of your voice and text applications. This tool enables fast and flexible application development without using the lower level VoiceXML code. All you need is point and click to draw a call flow diagram, and the VoiceXML code is automatically generated for you.

IVR Studio also contains built-in support for accessing relational databases, CRM software, email servers, websites, Java, and external programs and scripts.