Import Campaign List

In this article, we use localhost for server address. The target URL is:



These parameters should be the same ones when using the import wizard in a web browser. You can also discover or verify these parameter names by inspecting the web pages of the wizard.

action must be 'import'
importfile import file name
importfilepath file path to the import file. Only for on-premise. Not available if you are using Voicent cloud.
profile Saved import profile name
mod Module name 'cus', 'org', 'pot', default is 'cus'
fieldsep Field separator, default is comma
row1 1 means the import file has a header row. 0 otherwise
mergeopt Merge option 'empty', 'never', 'always', 'skip', default is 'empty'
leadsrcname Lead source name

To upload a file through HTTP, you must use multipart/form-data. The easiest way is to use a HTTP client library to do file upload.

A special case is the file and Voicent software are on the same computer. In that case, you can simply specify the file location using importfilepath. No file upload is necessary.