Run Campaign


These parameters should be the same ones when using the campaign wizard in a web browser. You can also discover or verify these parameter names by inspecting the web pages of the wizard.

action campaign type 'bbp;, 'pd', 'bbs''
CAMP_NAME campaign name
listname List name of already imported list
phonecols Phone column selection order 'Phone', 'Work Phone', 'Home Phone', 'Cell Phone'
lines Number of lines/channels for the campaign
calldisps Call disposition rule names (comma separated)
callerid Caller ID to use for the campaign. Must be added and verified in your account

Import and Run Campaign Together

You can do import and run campaign using one command. Simple do not specify 'listname', but use import parameters instead.

importfile see Import interface for explanation
importfilepath see Import interface for explanation
... See Import Campaign List for more parameters

Parameters for Auto Dialer

msginfo Name of the saved campaign message
msgtype Message type 'audio', 'tts', 'template', 'survey', 'ivr'
aufile campaign audio file if msgtype is 'audio'
aufilepath campaign audio file path. On-premise version only.

Parameters for Predictive Dialer

scriptapp Name of campaign script
scripturlcampaign script URL
agentlist List of agent login names for the campaign. (comma separated)
liveaudio Audio message for live answer
ansaudio Audio message for machine answer

Parameters for Text Broadcast

msginfo Name of the saved campaign message
msgtype Message type 'tts', 'template', 'survey', 'ivr'
smsdid Phone number for text message for your account