Call distribution based on CRM data

Hello, How do I configure automatic call distribution so that based on CRM data, the call is automatically transferred to different agents / queues? For example: if the phone number exists in our CRM AND a custom field is “Pregnancy” then I would like it to go to group 1 if the phone number exists in our CRM AND a custom field is “Pediatrics” then I would like it to go to group 2 if the phone number exists in our CRM AND a custom field is “Gynecology” then I would like it to go to group 3 if the phone number exists in our CRM AND a custom field is EMPTY then I would like it to go to group 4 if the phone number does not exist in our CRM then I would like it to go to group 5 Can you please guide me through how to set this up? Thanks

Looks like these groups are running independently, so the easiest way is to run multiple campaigns, each with its call list and agents.

For example, go to Voicent crm and search contacts with “pregnancy”, save the search. Then start a campaign used the search result as your call list, choose group 1 as the agents for the campaign. Do the same for other groups.

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Campaign Export with Address Info

when i export the campaign i ran for some reason the address is not with the files how do i solve that problem. thanks

Yes, address fields may take a look more effort than other standard fields, which can be specified in the Extra Columns during export. The following is just a workaround.

1. Export campaign as usual

2. Go to Contacts, select the campaign list, export it with address fields

3. Sort both export list based on names using Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet programs.

4. Copy paste the second list to the first list, Save it.

It is not ideal but can be done.


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General questions regarding cloud service

I have a live caller survey campaign in mind to conduct in June and these would be the questions that will help me figure out if it makes sense to do it.

1) Is it possible to record the calls in Voicent? or do I need other software to do that?

Yes, you can record calls (calls that connected to an agent) either manually or automatically. For automatic call recording, you need dedicated cloud account.

2) Also, can I local Canadian number from you or do I need to purchase that separately?

When you add “inbound call center with phone number” option to your account, you will get a dedicated phone number, in the area code (US or Canada) you choose.

3) If I have three out going lines but I want each line to have the same caller ID, do I need to pay for 3 caller IDs or only one?

Only one. Caller ID is per account.

4) If I purchase the two way texting, do I also need to pay for the caller ID or is that included then as I have the line?

For “2-way text with phone number”, it comes with a dedicated phone number (caller ID), the same way as the dedicated phone number for voice calls. People can text you back to that phone number.

5) What happens if I get multiple inbound calls at once? Do they get a busy signal? I want to send all my inbound calls directly to voice mail?

It depends on how many inbound voice channels you have. The base option comes with 1 line/channel, but you can add more channels to it ($7 per month per channel). Let’s say you have a total of 5 channels, then the system can handle 5 simultaneous calls. The 6th call coming in the same time will get a busy tone.

6) Can your system automatically transcribe voicemails and send them to an email?

No, we do not do voicemail transcribe and voicemail to email.

7) Can you explain pay as you go minutes verses a calling plan? If I have a plan how long do the minutes last? What if I run out, do I drop to pay as you go rates? (I think I’ll likely need the 25,000 minutes).

The difference the the per minute rate and whether you have a commitment to the call volume. For pay as you go, your calls are charged at 4 cents per minute. This is suitable for low call volume customers. If you know you will make 25,000 or more minutes per month, then choose the 25,000 minute package. The calls will be charged at 1.5 cents. That will be a good saving over the pay as you go plan. But please note, if you cannot use up all the minutes, it will not rollover to the next month.

8) Can I switch to a smaller plan at the end of my calling? I need to keep the line active for 3 months after a campaign ends but all it does is sit there for the last two months and maybe get some accidental dials.

As long as you are on a monthly plan, you can change the plan every month.

9) What tax will be charged on my plan?

No. All charges are included in the monthly subscription fee and usage fee (calling package).

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