IVR Studio

Deliver High-Quality Caller Experiences with IVR Studio

Voicent's IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Studio is IVR software that delivers high-quality caller experiences by enabling you to easily build logical, fast, crystal-clear navigation of phone system menus and options.

IVR Software Overview

Voicent's IVR software offers point-and-click call flow design, easy installation and low cost. From simple call flow to incredibly powerful connections to web applications and other tools, IVR Studio simplifies business integration and increases flexibility.

Based on internet standards, Voicent IVR Studio is extensible and allows integration with existing websites and custom-developed Java classes, which enables independent developers to extend Voicent IVR solution to meet unique business needs.

As with all Voicent software, you buy it once and own it for life. Because there are no monthly fees or per-call charges, you get the highest Return-On-Investment (ROI) and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Create Powerful IVR Applications With Voicent IVR

Inbound IVR Systems

  1. 24/7 Self-Service
  2. Phone Menus and Call Routing to ACD
  3. Voice Mail to Email
  4. Call Queues, Music On Hold
  5. Call In Surveys
  6. Support Ticketing Systems

Outbound IVR Systems

  1. Dial Out Surveys
  2. Delivery Notifications
  3. Shipment Tracking
  4. Account Activation and Updates
  5. Subscription Renewal
  6. Pre-Sales Qualification Questionnaires
Voicent IVR Helps You...
Boost business agility

With an IVR business phone system, you can eliminate repetitive questions and requests to live agents.

Decrease wait times with accurate call routing

Automatically send calls to available agents to shorten the call waiting period for your callers.

Provide 24/7 self-service to your customers

Your IVR system will be delivering top-notch customer service to your customers during all times, including evenings and holidays.

Increase customer loyalty

Each call and caller self-service experience is tailored to the customer's needs with the IVR prompt-and-record feature.

Improve call quality

Improve quality of calls and decrease duration by gathering information before callers speak to a live agent.

Decrease call duration

Help your callers answer their questions before they speak to a live agent with IVR business phone system menu branching.

Custom IVR Applications: Need Assistance?

We can help you build your custom call flows and perform CRM integration, dialer integration, testing, and deployment. Voicent's professional IT team has deep expertise in both inbound and outbound IVR design, creation, and deployment.