Advanced list criteria

In rare cases, a campaign can be marked as Finished when the list is not completed. This is a system problem and you should open a ticket to report it.

Unfortunately, the campaign marked as Finished cannot be resumed.

There is a workaround to call the remaining contacts on the list.

  1. Go to the Campaign summary page, click the Campaign Details button
  2. Click Mass Update button, choose an unused field, for example, Contact Status, set it to “Contacted“. Do the update
    This step marks the contacts already called by this campaign as Contacted. The missing contacts will not be marked since they are not called and will not be in the campaign details page.
  3. Now you can run another campaign with the same list. At the first page, make sure to expand Advanced List Criteria
  4. Click the Add Group button, then select “Contact Status“, “Not Equals To“, “Contacted
    This setting tells the dialer to only call contacts in the list AND the Contact status is not marked in step 2.
  5. Continue as usual

Please note it is important to choose an unused field in step 2. The example above uses the Contact Status field. If it is used in some call disposition rule or maybe manually updated by agents, then you must choose a different field.

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Channels, Caller IDs, and Dedicated Phone Numbers

Our cloud platform offers flexible subscription. You only pay for what you need. But sometimes it can be confusing with various options of the flex plan. This article explains in more details about the basic terms of the subscription features.


When you add a user, the plan gives you 2 outbound channels, which is basically 2 telephone lines to make outbound calls. 2 channels means the system allow you to make 2 simultaneous calls.

For outbound campaigns, such as auto dialer and predictive dialer campaigns, you need outbound channels. If you need more simultaneous calls, you can add more outbound channels to your account.

Caller IDs

When you make an outbound call, either manually from Agent Dashboard or from a dialer campaign, the system uses the channels and a caller ID from your account. The caller ID can be set in agent profile or in campaign options.

A caller ID is what displays on your customer’s phone when our system calls. For most organizations, the main business phone number is used.

A caller ID must be set and verified before you can use it. To add a caller ID, first go to the app portal, then select Setup, Account, Caller ID page. The first time you add a new caller ID, the system will automatically make a verification call to that number. Make sure to answer the call and write down the PIN code. Enter the PIN code in the page to verify the phone number.

Dedicated Phone Number

A caller ID is simply a display number. When your customers call that number, they are calling the system that provides the phone number. You will not be able to answer the call in the Voicent system.

In order to answer incoming calls, you need to have “inbound call center with phone number” feature in your subscription plan. In addition to a dedicated phone number, you also get inbound features like auto attendant, voice mail, call queue, etc.

Each dedicated phone number comes with 1 inbound channel, which means only one customer can call you at any given time. In order to allow more customers to call you, add more inbound voice channels.

Please note, you normally have more inbound channels than the number of agents. When you have more channels, additional calls are put in an incoming queue.

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Manage Do Not Call with Voicent CRM for Dialers

There are many reasons your organization want to put some contacts in the Do Not Call list. One main reason is that a contact’s phone number is on the federal, state, or internal Do Not Call list, or a contact is no longer deemed a lead, or a contact has specifically told your agent not to call from previous campaigns.

Do Not Call field

Each contact record in Voicent CRM has a Do Not Call field. Once checked, no campaign will call this contact again in later campaigns. These contacts will be automatically skipped.

Do Not Call

If you are making a manual call, Voicent Agent Dashboard will warning you about it if the Do Not Call field is check. You can either cancel the call or continue.

This Do Not Call field can also be set automatically. For example, in auto dialer press-1 campaign, you can set to Opt Out if certain key is pressed.

Opt Out


Import a Do Not Call List

You can import a DNC list the same way as other lists. After the list is imported, make sure to do a mass update to set the DNC field for all contacts on the list. To do so, go to the main menu, select Contacts, then click on the list name, from top right, select “mass update search result” from the Tool button.

Import a call list

In order to check the Do Not Call list in the Voicent CRM, it is important to select the correct merge options during import. As long as the merge option is NOT skip or overwrite, a record will be merged with an existing record if the phone number of email address are the same.

For example, assume a contact with a phone number 6505551212 is already in the CRM and its Do Not Call field is checked. If you have a new call list and one record has the same phone number, as long as the correct merge option is selected, the new record will be merged (not imported) with the existing record.



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