Manage Do Not Call with Voicent CRM for Dialers

There are many reasons your organization want to put some contacts in the Do Not Call list. One main reason is that a contact’s phone number is on the federal, state, or internal Do Not Call list, or a contact is no longer deemed a lead, or a contact has specifically told your agent not to call from previous campaigns.

Do Not Call field

Each contact record in Voicent CRM has a Do Not Call field. Once checked, no campaign will call this contact again in later campaigns. These contacts will be automatically skipped.

Do Not Call

If you are making a manual call, Voicent Agent Dashboard will warning you about it if the Do Not Call field is check. You can either cancel the call or continue.

This Do Not Call field can also be set automatically. For example, in auto dialer press-1 campaign, you can set to Opt Out if certain key is pressed.

Opt Out


Import a Do Not Call List

You can import a DNC list the same way as other lists. After the list is imported, make sure to do a mass update to set the DNC field for all contacts on the list. To do so, go to the main menu, select Contacts, then click on the list name, from top right, select “mass update search result” from the Tool button.

Import a call list

In order to check the Do Not Call list in the Voicent CRM, it is important to select the correct merge options during import. As long as the merge option is NOT skip or overwrite, a record will be merged with an existing record if the phone number of email address are the same.

For example, assume a contact with a phone number 6505551212 is already in the CRM and its Do Not Call field is checked. If you have a new call list and one record has the same phone number, as long as the correct merge option is selected, the new record will be merged (not imported) with the existing record.



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Predictive dialer for international calling

I checked your free trial for the predictive dialer, i’d like to know a few things please.

1) With your pay plan can we use the “Voicent Cloud” on a browser? or the dialer works only if we download your software on a computer.

For agent to talk to customers over the phone, they need to download a soft phone called Voicent Agent Dashboard. It is a windows program. For all other operations, like start and stop a campaign, check results, etc, can be performed in a browser.

2) Can we make calls internationally?

For the cloud, no. The cloud platform support calls only to US and Canada.
In order to make international calls, you must use our on-premise software, which is installed on your own computer and can be configured to use your own phone service. This flexibility allows you to find the best VOIP companies to call the specific countries you are interested to call.

3) I didn’t find a way to reset a list, when a phone list is finished, is there a way to reset the list to call back numbers that didn’t answer or ask for a callback etc.

On Voicent platform, you do not need to reset a list. We have more flexible and powerful
ways to manage your calling campaigns. The following technical article is just one method:

4) Can I buy a caller ID (even international) from your platform?

Yes, for US and Canadian phone numbers.
But if you use our on-premise software, you can purchase these from your own telephone service.

5) Does it take time to have a paid plan account or I can just pay and use the platform right away.

right away

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Call distribution based on CRM data

Hello, How do I configure automatic call distribution so that based on CRM data, the call is automatically transferred to different agents / queues? For example: if the phone number exists in our CRM AND a custom field is “Pregnancy” then I would like it to go to group 1 if the phone number exists in our CRM AND a custom field is “Pediatrics” then I would like it to go to group 2 if the phone number exists in our CRM AND a custom field is “Gynecology” then I would like it to go to group 3 if the phone number exists in our CRM AND a custom field is EMPTY then I would like it to go to group 4 if the phone number does not exist in our CRM then I would like it to go to group 5 Can you please guide me through how to set this up? Thanks

Looks like these groups are running independently, so the easiest way is to run multiple campaigns, each with its call list and agents.

For example, go to Voicent crm and search contacts with “pregnancy”, save the search. Then start a campaign used the search result as your call list, choose group 1 as the agents for the campaign. Do the same for other groups.

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