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Understand Campaign Call Status

In the campaign summery page, you should see the following campaign results:.

First Row: Answered Calls

  • Finished All calls tried, including answered calls and failed calls.
  • Live Answer Calls that are answered by live human.
  • Machine Answer Calls that are answered by answering machine or voice mail.
  • Contact No Phone The contact's telephone field is empty. Please note each contact record has four telephone fields: home phone, work phone, cell phone, and phone. You can specify which phone field to use for your campaign. By default, the campaign will pick up the phone number from one of the four fields.
  • Contact DNC The contact's Do Not Call field is selected. All Voicent outbound campaigns automatically skip these contacts.

Second Row: Failed Calls

  • Line Busy Call is made but the line is busy.
  • No Answer Call is made and line is not busy but there is no answer by human or machine.
  • Fax Call is answered by a fax machine
  • Disc. Number Call is made but the number is no longer in service.
  • Service Error Call is attempted but not made. The phone service has a problem connecting the call. These errors can be the VOIP server is temporarily not available, or the server is busy, or the phone number is not valid. You can go to the call details to see the exact error. In our cloud platform, calls with service error are not charged.
  • Other Call errors not belong to the above five cateogory. For example, someone answers the call then immediately hangs up; timeout error caused by failure to connect to the phone service.
    Many of the calls that listed as "Line disconnected" are actually phone service error, but for one way or other, no further information was obtained about the failure.

About Phone Service Errors

Phone service errors are part of the dialer campaigns. Basically, there are two types of phone service: conversational and dialer. Conversational are calls you made manually and last longer (you have a conversation); while dialer calls are normally short (skip answering machines). Short duration calls put enormous stress on the phone company's servers and are thus treated differently. The phone company normally put through the conversational traffic first, knowing that not connecting a call made by a dialer is usually not a problem. The pricing is also different. Conversational is more expensive, sometimes 2 to 3 times more expensive.

For our cloud service, in order to reduce phone cost for our customers, we choose good quality phone service for dialers. This means there will be phone service errors. But all these calls are not charged and you can retry these calls. For more information, please see How to run a campaign based on previous campaign result

Third Row: Live Answered Calls

  • Agent Connected Calls connected to agent
  • Dropped Calls are answered by live human and are transfered to agents. But because agents are busy, calls get disconnected by the system automatically.
  • Opt Out, Interested, Not Interested, Call Back If this is a predictive dialer campaign, these are connected calls to agents and these call dispositions are selected by agents. If this is an auto dialer campaign, these call statuses are usually the result of customers press certain keys in response to the campaign message.