Dedicated Cloud Account

A dedicated cloud account comes with a dedicated server. Since the server computer is completely dedicated to one customer account, it offers much better performance and flexibility. The following list contains features only available in a dedicated account.

More Robust Operations

On shared server, one customer's operation, such as importing a large file, could cause the server to slow down significantly. Worse, mistakes may cause the server software to crash, thus affect everyone else on the same server. Though crash is rare, this does happen.

On a dedicated server, since there are no other accounts, your operations will be much smooth and robust.

More Secure

On a dedicated server, we can limit access to the server based on certain IP addresses, such as those only from your company's locations. This added security will better protect your data and operations.

Automatic Recording

The server can turn on recording for all calls connected to agents. This feature is particularly useful for companies, like financial services, to meet certain regulatory requirements.

You can download recorded phone conversations over a certain time period as a zip file.

Please note for regular flex account, calls can still be recorded but manually, i.e., an agent must click the RECORD button on Agent Dashboard in order to record the conversation.

No Limit on Export Time

On flex account, file export (export contacts, campaign results, etc) are limited to certain hours. This limit is to prevent large export operation from one account to slow down campaigns from other accounts on the same server.

With a dedicated cloud account, this limitation is removed.

Restart Voicent Server App

Though you can contact our support for issues related to the server software, it is sometime more convenient to restart Voicent server software yourself. This capability is provided for dedicated cloud account (There is an extra button in the home page when you first login to the billing portal).

Easier to Customize

Since the server only serves your account, the server can be set according to your specifications. For example,

  • Set the server time zone to your time zone
  • Set male or female voice for Text to Speech engine


The monthly subscription fee for a dedicated cloud account is the regular flex account subscription fee plus a dedicated server fee. The server fee starts from $250 per month based on server specifications.

Since it takes a lot of manual work to set up a server, you must commit to at least 3 month's subscription.


Please allow a few days for us to procure a server and configure the server for you. Since this process depends on the phone company, it may take some time for them to authenticate the server for phone calls.