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      No Time Limit

 IVR Platform and Application

You can download Voicent software and test almost all features. The trial version has no time limit, so try it as long as you want. (There will be a Voicent advertisement in each trial version message.)

6-month Free Email Support + Upgrade

 IVR Platform and Application

Every Voicent purchase includes free 6-month email support and free upgrade. At the end of the 6 months, you can continue the support option. If you choose to let it expire, your software will continue functioning, but you won't be able to get free upgrades.

Extensive Online Support Info

 IVR Platform and Application

Over the years, we have built a large amount of support information, including a searchable knowledge baseof article, FAQs, samples, guides, and tutorials. You can take a look at our online Support Center.

Phone Support

 IVR Platform and Application

Phone support is offered, but we do charge an hourly fee for it. We've found that our products don't require phone support for the vast majority of our customers. Typically, customers with complex, customized firewalls and other security measures are the only ones that require telephone support. Rather than raise the prices on all of our customers to pay for that service, we've opted to implement an hourly, pay-if-you-need-it policy, and keep our prices as low as possible. We strongly encourage our customers to take advantage of our unlimited product trials, to make sure our software will work in their environment. If you run into problems, take a look at our online Support Center, or take advantage of our free email support.

Please Contact Us Regarding Your Complaint

Voicent has been in business more than 10 years and has thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. Indeed, most of our new customers come from customer referrals.

Our products are relied upon--often in mission-critical uses--by all kinds of businesses and organizations.

Although we strive for a perfect combination of quality product and affordability, we know we're only human!

What we can make 'perfect,' is our customer service. If you ever have a concern or complaint about a Voicent product or service, please let us know below. We'll address it as soon as humanly possible.

We are always interested in hearing what our customers have to say, but we would like to make a few important points about our software and our company:

Affordability is one of our goals in developing our software. Consequently, we do not build in the cost of offering "free" software upgrades.

While it would be easy for us to build in the costs of upgrades in the initial purchase price of our software, we know that would put the cost of our software out of the reach of many small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Instead, we keep our initial prices as low as possible, but allow larger organizations, which may need increased flexibility and scalability, the option of purchasing maintenance services that include product upgrades.

Our low pricing structure and the vagaries of evolving computer hardware and operating system requirements, precludes us from providing open-ended support of old versions of our software.

This is a common position held by every significant software company in the world. It is simply impossible for us to continue to make innovative products, while trying to keep old versions compliant with the latest hardware, security and operating system requirements.

This means that, should you run into a problem with an out-dated version of our software, we will need for you to purchase an current upgrade in order for us to resume offering you support.

The vast majority of our customers find our products extremely dependable and easy to use. Rarely, modified equipment, security devices or other things out of our control may affect the performance of our product. This is a rare but unavoidable possibility.

That is why Voicent offers easy, fully functional, unlimited trials of our products. Because a license key irretrievably activates the Voicent product, we cannot offer product refunds once a license key is issued. We also put up a warning window before submitting your license key request, and only proceed after you specifically click the "I Agree" button about the return and license policies. We strongly encourage all of our customers to take full advantage of our liberal product trial policy. For a more detailed explanation of our refund policy, please see Return Policy.

We Are Eager To Hear From You

There, we have had our say, now we're eager to hear from you and we are confident that we will be able to help you stay in the ranks of Voicent's thousands of satisfied customers.

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