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Why should I use it?

Automated appointment reminders are more reliable because there is less chance of human error. Also, automation frees your staff of hours spent tracking appointments, dialing phones, waiting for answers, and leaving messages. Those hours can now be spent doing more important work.

Can appointments be confirmed using AutoReminder?

Yes, when a live person answers, they can press a key to automatically confirm their appointment. They can also press another key to cancel or to speak to a receptionist in your office.

Can the system be used as an appointment scheduler?

Yes, AutoReminder appointment reminder software includes an intuitive calendar for appointment setting and re-scheduling. No extra steps are needed to schedule a reminder call when you schedule an appointment. The software will automatically schedule the reminder call.

Can I personalize messages?

Yes, AutoReminder software includes a Message Designer for message personalization. For example, with Text to Speech, the autodialer can play "Hi Bob, ..." for Bob and "Hi Mary, ..." for Mary, making your call more personal and more effective.

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Integrate With AutoReminder

Voicent AutoReminder provides extensive HTTP/web programming interface and command line interface. Through these programming API, you can create a new appointment, schedule a phone call, query call status and confirmation status.

If you need more control of the call, Voicent also provides developers with gateway level interface. Compared with the application level interface, such as the AutoReminder programming interface, the gateway level interface is a lower level programming interface and offers more options and flexibility.

HTTP/Web Programming Interface

The following is an example of scheduling a reminder in a Visual C++ program:

CHttpConnection* conn = sess.GetHttpConnection("localhost", 8080);

CHttpFile* pFile = conn->OpenRequest(HTTP_VERB_POST, "/addhandler");

pFile->SendRequest(NULL, 0, poststr, strlen(poststr));

where poststr contains information about the reminder call

Since the interface is HTTP based, you can use it with your favarite programming language. For more details, please see Voicent Appointment Reminder HTTP/web Interface.

Command Line Interface

The following is an example of importing appointments through the command line:

aptbook.exe -import "appt_file.csv"

For more details, please see Voicent Appointment Reminder Command Line Interface.

Using Voicent IVR Studio

To further customize your call message and integrate it with your web site, CRM, or email server, you need Voicent IVR Studio, which enables you to create multi-level, multi-language interactive applications. It is fully integrated with Voicent AutoReminder software.

For more details, please see Voicent IVR Application Design Tool.

Gateway Level Integration

Voicent Gateway is a platform for developing state-of-the-art interactive programs. The gateway supports the W3C VoiceXML standard for interactive voice/phone applications. It is also a 2-way SMS gateway for interactive text messaging application.

Voicent Gateway uses standard HTTP/web interface, which allows you to use almost any programming languge to interact with the gateway. We have sample code in Java, C#, C++, PHP, Perl, Python, VB. For more details, please see Voicent Voice, SMS, Email Developer Resource Center.

Download Free Trial

It's absolutely free to download and try Voicent's Auto Reminder and Voicent Gateway software. You don't need a credit card or even to supply an email address to try it.

Developer Annual Subscription and Support

Developer's annual subscription provides program developers with the very latest Voicent application development tools, up to date Voice XML and SMS text message API, and expert consulting to create your own product solutions. With this subscription, you get a complete Voicent Gateway Client API with sample code and tutorial; timely updates throughout the year; unlimited developer support. This tool kit is essential for developers who want to create your own software product based on Voicent Gateway.

The developer annual subscription offers:

  • VoiceXML command line simulator
  • Gateway library software developer kit (SDK)
  • Application API development
  • One year expert software developer support
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