Add an Entity | CRM Interface

In this article, we use localhost for server address. The target URL is:



To add an entry to the CRM. You run the following GET/POST command (this tutorial uses GET method)


Please refer to the parameters reference table to view all the parameters you can use! Parameters for Customer Table. You can also figure out the parameters by first creating a web form and then inspect the form parameters.


By default the entity is a Customer entity. However you can specify MOD=POT or MOD=ORG for either potential or organization entity. The following examples show how to use it when adding a new CRM record.

Potential Entity


Organization Entity


The form should return the entity ID of the newly added entry. crmentid is the entity ID of the entity table (Customer, Organization, Potential).


Normally, Voicent CRM will try to merge the new record with existing entities. However, if you specifiy MERGE=skip, then the new record will always be created.


Similarly, if you use MERGE=no, then their will be no update to the existing record will happen. If you use MERGE=yes, then the new values will replace the old one. By default, the new values will only be updated if the existing value is empty.

The merge operation is performed by checking emails and phone numbers. Since this is an expensive operation, you should specify the search order. MERGEBYEMAIL=1 will cause the system to check the email address first, then the phone numbers.

The rest of the parameter names are the column names of the entity table.


See Update a Customer Record.