IVR Studio: Outbound IVR

Outbound IVR: Customize Auto Reminder Message

Auto Reminder has a built-in Message Designer that can handle a lot of simple customization tasks. However, it cannot be used for advanced customizations. This type of customizations are handled by IVR Studio.

To use IVR Studio for Auto Reminder, Start the program, select File > New > For Auto Reminder.

Design IVR Application For Auto Reminder

Once the new IVR application is started, IVR Studio automatically creates two top elements, one for live answer and the other for answering machines. You can then add your call flow based on your application.

To access values of Auto Reminder appointment information (such as appointment time), you can use the pre-set fields. The list can be accessed by the root element's properties pages.

These values can then be used in prompts, output logs, etc. For example, in the prompt dialog window, you can select the field for "start date". During the call, the actual prompt will be specific to each call, based on the actual date of that appointment.

Deploy IVR Application

Once the design is finished, click the Deploy button to deploy the outbound IVR application to Voicent Gateway. Only deployed applications can be accessed by AutoReminder program.

Auto Reminder Use IVR Application

Open Voicent Auto Reminder application, create a new appointment, select the reminder message to be the one you just designed.

Advanced Customization For Developers

IVR Studio has a lot of built-in facilities for developers. One major part of the program is its "actions", which allows an IVR application to dynamically access databases, CRM systems, SMTP email servers, web sites, Java programs and libraries, etc. For more information, please take a look at IVR Studio's Tutorial.

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