Marketing Automation

Voicent Marketing Automation

Voicent Marketing Automation is a sophisticated and powerful automated marketing service designed to fit all your business needs. It includes email dripping, website integration, built-in CRM, landing page tracking, and automatic reports. Plus, Voicent gives you multi-channel capabilities, so you can engage leads better than ever.

Generate High Quality Leads Through Phone, Email, and Website Forms

Optimized for Search

With Search Engine Optimization, make sure people see your marketing message when they search for related keywords.

Landing Pages Lead Capture

Let's say someone receives your email and clicks on the link to your website. This interaction is automatically recorded in the CRM.

Social Media

Share your message by harnessing the power of social media with polls and ads.

Website Visitor Tracking

With website tracking, you can learn how your clients behave by viewing their webpage browsing habits.

Web form integration and tracking, with web analytics.

Send the right info at the right time

Email Drip System

Automatically send emails to recipients based on date joined, links clicked, and other categories.

Lead Nurturing

Engage leads and customers by cutting through competition with relevant information.

Boost Your Sales Team

With your marketing team now empowered, your sales team will also be able to close more with high quality leads.

Built-in CRM

Forget messy integration. Voicent CRM is already seamlessly connected to marketing automation tools, so you don't have to implement any bothersome integration.

Marketing Analytics

View how marketing processes affect sales and leads with sophisticated marketing metrics. No more number crunching and spreadsheet work.

Automatic Reports

You can generate reports that show sales and marketing activity. Analyze successful campaigns and view agent reports anytime.

Personalize Marketing Messages

Customize and personalize marketing messages

Built-in Message Designer

With Text-to-Speech, you can personalize your messages by greeting contacts by their name or other personal information. You can also record messages to send out in your own voice.

Multilingual Text-to-Speech

Want to send messages in German, Spanish, or any other language? You can, with our TTS adaptor that works with any 8 kH telephony speech engine.

Record Interactions

Information about your contact and whether the response was a machine answer, live answer, or something else is automatically saved.

Personalize Messages

You can record audio files in your own voice or use Text-to-Speech to say the person's name when greeting them.