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Agent Dashboard font size too small

One some high resolution computer display, the screen popup page and CRM pages may display very small text. Since these pages used an embedded Internet Explorer, the font size is not controlled by Agent Dashboard program.

To change the text size, please follow the following steps:

A. Open Internet Explorer.
If the IE icon is not displayed, type in “Internet Explorer” in the Windows search to open it.

B. Click on the “Tools” menu from the menu bar, then select “Internet Options”.
C. The “Internet Options” window will then pop up, click on the “Accessibility” button located at bottom right corner.
D. In the “Accessibility” window, select “Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages”

Exit Agent Dashboard, and you should have the correct text size.

There are other methods that you can try to change the font size. Please simply google the topic and you should find many suggestions.

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