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Advanced Predictive Dialer Call Status Update

All of Voicent software is built for software integration. One major feature is the ability to run an external program or send an HTTP POST to an URL after a call is finished.

This feature is getting even better. Starting from release 9.1, Voicent Agent Dialer (Predictive Dialer) can read the response from the HTTP POST or the output of the external program, and then set the spreadsheet column value accordingly.

Step 1: Set the Options

To use this new feature, first open the Call Status Updater window by selecting Predictive > Predictive Dialer Options > Status Update button.

Update predictive dialing call status

NOTE: The double backslashes for the path!
Make sure to select the checkbox below the URL or the program file. If selected, Voicent Agent Dialer will try to read back the output and set the appropriate columns.

Step 2: Set the Output

Do as usual when processing the HTTP POST or in the external program. To set a particular column in the Agent Dialer spreadsheet, output the following:


For example, in a simple Windows batch file

echo @off
echo Tag=Processed

The above output instruct the program to set the Tag column to Processed.

Step 3: Run the Predictive Dialer

Simply run the program. You should see that the status will be set after each phone call, and in addition some columns will also be set according to the external program.

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