Skype Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is for using Skype soft phone with Voicent software. For questions related to Skype's SIP-based service (Skype Connect), please see SIP FAQ.

Please also note that Voicent only supports Skype soft phone version 3.8. This version does not work on Windows 7. For Windows 7 users, we recommend you use SkypeConnect service instead.

What is Skype?

Skype is an internet dialing service that allows you make phone calls through your PC. It does not require any special hardware or phone line. A computer USB headset is good to have but you could use your computer's built-in speaker and microphone to make phone calls. Skype supports both industry standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and its own proprietary protocol for regular Skype.

How do I use Skype with Voicent?

Two types of Skype services you can use:

1. SkypeConnect: This service is SIP-based and is designed for business use. If you have high call volume, you should use SkypeConnect . For setup help, please see Configure Voicent to Use SkypeConnect

2. Proprietary Skype: This is the regular Skype that's used by many individual users. The regular Skype service costs much less but is limited to 50 calls per day. Voicent only supports Skype version 3.8. You can download and install Skype 3.8; then subscribe to the monthly calling plan.

What are the advantages of using Skype with Voicent?

Skype is very similar to SIP. They are both internet dialing services that require no special hardware or phone lines. It is very cost effective and easy to use. The call quality is comparable to traditional landline. You can make calls from any PC (desktop, laptop) through any internet connection. This is not possible with traditional landlines. You can make calls any where you go, as long as you can access the internet.

Can Voicent make multiple phone calls with Skype?

Yes, but you need to use SkypeConnect for multiple simultaneous calls. All you need is enough Skype channels from your SkypeConnect account., e.g., 24 channels for 24 simultaneous calls.

It is also possible to use multiple Skype soft phones, though the setup is a little more difficult, especially on Windows Vista or later operating systems. Search our knowledge base for more information.

Which Skype version is required for Voicent?

If you use SkypeConnect method, it does not matter which Skype version. Voicent software does not use the Skype soft phone software when SkypeConnect is used.

If you use the Skype soft phone, you must use Skype 3.8.

How do I configure Skype for Voicent?

Please see: Voicent and Skype.

How do I specify phone numbers to call?

The dialing rule for Voicent software is the same as when you call by hand without using Voicent. For instance, when using Voicent to call a regular phone number or a Skype phone number, specify the full 11-digit number including the area code. You can add country code the same way as Skype does to make international calls. When using Voicent to call a Skype user with no phone number, you can simply use the prefix skype: followed by the Skype user name. For example, skype:echo123.

How many channels can I have on one PC using SKYPE?

You can have as many channels as your computer allows. The more CPU power and more internet bandwidth you have, the more lines your computer can support. For large call volume, you should use SkypeConnect. You can scale up to 100+ lines per computer.

It is relatively hard to scale up using proprietary Skype due to Skype Fair Usage Policy and its unlimited calling plan.

How can I setup my Caller ID display?

For SkypeConnect, please login to your Skype Manager account to set it up.

For Skype soft phone, in Skype window, select Account from the main menu, choose View your account.... then select Caller Identification.

Can I record by phone using Skype?

Yes, please see Skype Record by Phone.

I have Skype running but Voicent does not recognize it. Why?

In most cases, this is because the Skype start mode is set to auto instead of manual. Open Voicent Gateway, select Setup > Options > Skype, and make sure the mode is set to manual. If this does not work, make sure you have the correct Skype version (3.8) or use SkypeConnect.

Is the price the same as the one published whether I'm using a modem or SIP?

Yes, Voicent offers the same software license price regardless the phone service you use.

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