Text SMS Surveys

Multi-level Text/SMS Surveys

Create and deploy professionally built, high quality surveys with Voicent Text/SMS Surveys software. With this software, you can design surveys with advanced branching, set up automatic responses, and integrate with your CRM or database.

Easy to use software

Deploy Text Message Surveys With A Single Click

Voicent text/SMS surveys can be personalized and customized for any of your needs. It works on any PC and it is great for telephone polling, customer satisfaction surveys, census surveys, research, and data collection.

Incredible Scalability

You can send thousands of simultaneous text/SMS surveys from a single computer, and view real-time results.

Smart Detection

When a survey gets no answer, the survey can be automatically resent after a short period of time. The software also detects answering machines, busy, no answer, and disconnected lines.

Built-in Calendar

You can automatically send surveys out at specified hours that suit your clients best. You can also schedule surveys in advance and set up recurring surveys to ensure customer satisfaction.

No Per Text Fees

Voicent software is a one-time purchase. You can use it for as long as you like with no per-text or subscription fees.

Multi-level SMS Surveys and Branching

Create and Design Multi-Level Surveys

Unlimited Questions and Responses

You can add as many questions as you want, and collect unlimited responses.

Easy to build

With our easy to use user interface, you can build logical, fast, crystal-clear navigation of text message options for your survey recipients.

Integration and Extensions

Voicent software can integrate with external website and custom-developed Java classes.

Text Surveys with Voicent
Robust, Feature-rich SMS Software

Collect Responses and Send Automated Follow Up Questions

Instantly Processes Replies

Our software automatically processes the responses and confirmations that people text back in response to your message.

Input Collection

Our software collects input from recipients automatically so you can view all responses on your computer.

Survey Reports

The results of text/SMS surveys are generated instantly, so you can view percentages and statistics of what your survey takers replied even while the campaign is ongoing.

Texting and SMS collect responses
Personalize Your Surveys

Our software boosts the personalized feel of your messages while automating surveys, so you can get more recipients interested.

Built-in Message Designer

With the message designer, you can customize the way your survey works and add unlimited questions. Specify certain customer information to use in your message to further personalize surveys for your recipients.

Import and Copy Paste Phone Numbers

You can copy paste contact lists or import them from .csv files. With the built-in CRM, your contacts's information can be used in survey greetings to encourage participation.