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How can a text message be interactive?

Purists will say “wait a minute, mobile text messages don’t have hyperlinks so they can’t really be ‘interactive.’ ” Purists can be so irritating, can’t they? That’s correct, of course, so why does Voicent describe its BroadcastBySMS text-messaging tool as … Continue reading

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Is SMS marketing doomed?

As excited as we are about our new, automated SMS broadcast tool, we’re aware of concerns that dopey marketers will kill the golden goose of SMS marketing with spam. So, we’re joining the chorus of reputable SMS marketers in calling … Continue reading

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Mashable: SMS marketing top mobile trend

The continued importance of SMS marketing top a list of five major mobile trends reported by Noting that about 90 percent of the U.S. population owns a cell phones , the vast majority of which are SMS-ready right out … Continue reading

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