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24 line PBX hardware configuration

We are looking for Voicent Flex PBX enterprise edition solution (24 lines). Can you describe us the ideal hardware configuration for this. Sure. For 24 lines, you need to get as much CPU processing power as possible. It is strongly … Continue reading

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Always play pre-transfer message

My question is this, can the pre-transfer message tell the customers that they are being transferred and then if the line is busy music on hold (queue) will start. The reason why we want queue is we have 3 lines … Continue reading

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Asterisk as an IVR system?

Can I use your IVR Studio software with my Asterisk PBX system? Yes. It should be easy to setup also. To link Voicent IVR system to Asterisk, simply set it up as extensions of Asterisk. So when an incoming call … Continue reading

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