IVR apps during coronavirus pandemic

Recently we got a lot of requests for creating IVR apps to better automate tasks during the coronavirus pandemic. The following app is created for a janitorial service company to better manage store inventories of cleaning supplies, such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, and gloves.

We have listed the app as a sample online, hoping anyone who needs similar apps can take advantage of the example. For more details, please see Store Inventory Survey Sample.

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IVR app for pass code retrieval

I want to provide an solution to retrieve a confidential pass-code by calling a Toll Free Number, having it answered by the IVR. Callers will hear uploaded recordings for the prompts. Caller will have to enter a 6 digit reference number and then their year of birth. With each entry, your system will ping our data and then return a confidential alpha-numeric pass-code through Text to Voice. If the caller cannot retrieve their pass-code or is having trouble with the system, it will live transfer them (between 8 am EST and 8 PM EST M-F) to a local number which will terminate in my client’s current call centre. Can we have multiple callers using the system at the same time? How does this effect pricing? Please advise soonest

First, you need to use Voicent IVR Studio to create such an app. For more information on creating such an app, please see IVR Tutorial.

Second, you must choose our on-premise software solution. Even the cloud solution uses the exact same software, advanced operations, such as pinning or retrieve data from your database are disabled. This restriction is mainly for security purposes since there will be other cloud customers using the same server computer. The on-premise software, on the other hand, is installed on your own computer and thus has no such restrictions.

Yes, you can have multiple callers using the same system. Each line/channel is used to handle one caller. So if you will have at most 10 callers at the same time in peak usage, you will need to have a system that supports 10 lines. For IVR Studio pricing, it is based on the number of lines.



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Alternatives to online survey

Surveys are important to collect the information businesses and organizations need, from market research to customer satisfaction. Web based online surveys, coupled with email notifications, have made conducting a survey relatively easy. Companies like Survey Monkey and Google offers various free and paid survey solutions.

One main problem of online survey is get people to take the survey, for example, emails are easily ended up in spam folder. To make your survey more representative and accurate, you will need to expand your means to reach customers.

An alternative to online survey is to use automated telephone survey solutions. The phone survey can be the traditional voice calls, but also can be text message based. Traditionally, creating, conducting, and managing these surveys take a lot of technical know-hows.

With Voicent’s end-to-end survey solutions, it is really easy to create and manage these surveys. There is almost no added difficulty comparing with online web-based surveys. For example, you can use the same online form to create a survey app, instead of type in the questions, you can choose to use an audio file. You can also easily create branches in the survey, such as press 1 for English press 2 for Spanish.

Our platform also have real-time reporting, from easy to read pie chart, to detailed per call status. All presented in an intuitive fashion.

For more info, please see:

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