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Voicent integrates with CRM

Enables dramatic efficiency gains in sales, marketing and customer service


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, October 28, 2013 -- Voicent Communications announced today that its latest software release enables full integration with’s flagship Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application.

With more than 100,000 customers worldwide, has become the world leader in cloud-based sales and CRM tools. Voicent’s new 9.0.4 release enables users of its automated and predictive dialing and other call center tools to set up local and remote connections to their CRM in minutes. (Click here to see just how easy it is to integrate CRM with Voicent).

Once set up, Voicent will automatically capture and upload call notes and other information to the customer’s contact page on If the caller is new, Voicent will automatically create a new contact entry that can be saved to the CRM database.

The CRM integration ties neatly to Voicent’s Agent Dashboard, which displays efficiency-enhancing information on the desktop of agents—whether they are centrally or remotely located. Each time Voicent’s automated or predictive dialing tools connect to a live person answering, Voicent instantly retrieves and displays information about the person on the desktop of the agent handling the call.

In-bound calls to a Call Center similarly prompt the display of customer information to the agent handling the call. As a result, agents will have critical information about the caller’s preferences, buying history and other information to aid sales efforts and provide exceptional customer service.

After the call, organizational intelligence is automatically deepened, because Voicent will save and upload the handling agent’s name, call notes, call disposition, opt-out information, and sales campaign details to the customer’s CRM record.

There, the customer information is available for instant retrieval the next time a call connects to or is received from the customer. Or, using the new Agent Dashboard—provided in Voicent’s 9.0 release—agents doing follow-up work can instantly access the CRM data and use the Dashboard’s click-to-call capabilities, chat connections, SMS text messaging, click-to-email capabilities, and more.

Downloadable trials of Voicent’s software is available on Voicent’s website (

Voicent users without existing CRM tools can take advantage of Voicent’s own, fully-integrated CRM tool. The Voicent CRM enables the same sales- and customer service-enhancing efficiencies as third-party CRM tools, including pop-up live call displays, automated record updating, automated management of opt-out requests and contact preferences, easy access to notes, call scheduling and other capabilities.


About Voicent Communications

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, next door to Google’s corporate campus, Voicent is a leading developer of innovative communication tools. The company has more than 10,000 satisfied customers around the world.

Voicent began with the idea that personal computers and the Internet could be used to radically reduce our dependence on highly expensive and inflexible telephone and data-transmission systems. In October 2003, the company reached its first major milestone—the release of Voicent Gateway 1.0, its flagship product. The success of the Voicent Gateway provided the company unlimited possibilities in designing innovative communication solutions.

Since then, Voicent's Gateway has served as a springboard for innovative products including its Call Center management tools, design software for creating customized Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) systems, automated appointment-reminder software, phone, email and text-message broadcasting software, customer-relationship management software, and computer-contained PBX systems,

Most recently, Voicent has developed integrated Call Center and Customer Relationship Management tools that enable even remotely located agents, employees and manager’s to efficiently communicate and work on easy-to-use desktop dashboards.

As the world increasingly begins to revolve around the Internet, and as computers become more powerful and less expensive, Voicent remains focused on developing innovative, computer- and Internet-based communication tools and services to help companies both large and small, communicate more effectively and efficiently.

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