Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer Features

Predictive Dialer Features Overview

Campaign Features

  • Automatic Time Zone Adjustment
  • Wait for agent wrap up before resume next call
  • Auto pause/resume campaigns and dialing
  • Dial alternate numbers with dialing rules
  • Compliant w/ Federal Do-Not-Call
  • Server controlled call list
  • Advanced call volume pacing algorithm
  • Set up Call Disposition Rules
  • Scalable to thousands of calls per minute
  • More Campaign Features

Dialing Features

  • Predictive dialing
  • Progressive dialing
  • Preview dialing
  • Click-to-Call dialing
  • Connects to your business PBX
  • Use your SIP, IP PBX, analog phone lines to dial
  • Auto screen popup when a call connects
  • Agent talks on a computer with a usb headset
  • Auto skip answer machines or leave messages
  • Agents can play audio files while talking
  • Call back scheduling & reminders
  • More Dialing Features

Reports & Analytics

  • Detailed call reports
  • Live Campaign Results
  • Historial CRM Reports
  • Campaign Summaries
  • Export raw data .csv file
  • Open API's for integration
  • More Reports & Analytics Features

Agent Dashboard™ Features

  • Unlimited agents & voip channels
  • Agent can access multiple simultaneous campaigns
  • Auto retries set by agent
  • Agent assigned to role-based campaigns
  • Multi agent access from anywhere
  • Agent assigned to skill-based call
  • Call script auto pop-up
  • Call recording and whisper coaching
  • Play audio files during calls
  • Access anywhere with internet connection
  • Call Center Manager Software package
  • Call transfer & conference
  • Quick Access to Built-in CRM
  • More Agent Dashboard™ Features

CRM Features

  • Built-in Voicent CRM
  • Easy speadsheet interface
  • Workflow automation and triggers
  • Unlimited data fields and dispositions
  • Unlimited phone numbers and contacts
  • Unlimited sublists and contact groups
  • Easy Importing and Uploading
  • Edit, Add, Delete Contacts
  • Track contacts and interaction history automatically
  • Automatic CRM record popup for live calls
  • Zoho CRM integration support
  • SugarCRM integration support
  • Salesforce integration support
  • More CRM Features