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Predictive dialer for international calling

I checked your free trial for the predictive dialer, i’d like to know a few things please.

1) With your pay plan can we use the “Voicent Cloud” on a browser? or the dialer works only if we download your software on a computer.

For agent to talk to customers over the phone, they need to download a soft phone called Voicent Agent Dashboard. It is a windows program. For all other operations, like start and stop a campaign, check results, etc, can be performed in a browser.

2) Can we make calls internationally?

For the cloud, no. The cloud platform support calls only to US and Canada.
In order to make international calls, you must use our on-premise software, which is installed on your own computer and can be configured to use your own phone service. This flexibility allows you to find the best VOIP companies to call the specific countries you are interested to call.

3) I didn’t find a way to reset a list, when a phone list is finished, is there a way to reset the list to call back numbers that didn’t answer or ask for a callback etc.

On Voicent platform, you do not need to reset a list. We have more flexible and powerful
ways to manage your calling campaigns. The following technical article is just one method:

4) Can I buy a caller ID (even international) from your platform?

Yes, for US and Canadian phone numbers.
But if you use our on-premise software, you can purchase these from your own telephone service.

5) Does it take time to have a paid plan account or I can just pay and use the platform right away.

right away

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