Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer Features

How To Use Predictive Dialing

Create Call List

To create a call list, click on AgentDialer icon, simply type in names and phone numbers in the spreadsheet-link window. You can also copy-paste your call list from other programs, such as Microsoft Excel, or use File > Import option to import an existing call list file.

Start Predictive Dialing

Select Predictive > Start... from the program main menu. The system will start making calls for the call list. If you have a multiple line system, all lines will dial out at the same time. Once a line reaches a live person, an alert window as shown below will pop up on an agent's computer. The phone call is already connected to the agent's computer at that time, he or she can then talk to the person using a headset.

If you have Enterprise edition, the alert window can be pop up on a remote computer, such as an agent who works at home. All that is required is to have an internet connection for the agent.

The screen popup window contains all information about the person called. The agent can choose to record the conversation, and type in notes in the same window.

You can choose to automatically close the screen popup window when the call is disconnected.