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Exactly how “easy” is easy?

QUESTION: “I’m a part-time web developer and full-time business owner. Your website has the word ‘easy’ in like every sentence. Please tell me exactly how easy it would be to have your software generate an automatic phone call whenever a … Continue reading

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Voicent adds Full Setup Services

Voicent prides itself on its ease-of-use, so why offer users the opportunity to purchase  Setup Services? For two reasons: 1) More and more new people are coming to VoIP technology and many find the technology unfamiliar at best and baffling at worst. … Continue reading

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Voicent has analog phone line solution

It’s official–Voicent pretty much works with everything now. We actually pretty-much always worked with everything. But, when old-fashioned voice modems started fading away, and the newest Microsot operating systems reduced or eliminated support for them, it became very difficult to … Continue reading

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