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Add user name to an automated message

… Our computer will call the number and add the name into an automated message. “Hello, John Doo. For more info press 1, to hear the message again press 2″. the system should know if a person or answering machine has answered. if a person answers, it needs them to input a number on the dial pad, giving our system a ‘receipt’ of the call. if an answering machine answers, our system needs to hang up and call again.

IVR Application

This is a typical outbound IVR application that you can design using Voicent IVR Studio. Within the tool’s GUI environment, you can create a simple call flow graph that captures all the interactions mentioned above. The tool supports email, database, java program, and web integration so it should be easy to generates a receipt for the call, either through logging or directly saving data to your database.

We have many samples and training video for IVR Studio. You can start with the IVR Tutorial first. Once you are familiar with the tool, the following two answers are specific to your application:

1. Voicent software automatically detects live answer and answering machines. In IVR Studio, there are two top level nodes, one for live answer and the other for answering machine. You can then create your specific interaction under these nodes accordingly.

2. For every outbound call, the called phone number and name are available in your IVR app. So all you need to do is to include them (__VG_CALLED_NAME__, and __VG_CALLED_NUMBER__) in your prompt message.

Outbound Call

In addition to the IVR design tool, you’ll need outbound call capability. You can use Voicent gateway with outbound license. To trigger an outbound call using the IVR app you designed, please take a look at the Extended Simple Call Interface of Voicent Gateway. It may just be a single line of code:

call_ivr('123-456-7890', 'my_ivr_app')

For more info on this interface, please see Voicent Developer Center.

Give it a try

The best way to get started is download the software and give it a try. The free trial version has a trial message for each phone call, but there is no time limit.

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