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Setup Voicent Software with i2 Telecom

Step 1: Collect i2 Telecom SIP Information
In order to obtain your SIP information from i2 Telecom, you need to login to your account and record the SIP credentials listed.

Step 2: Setup Voicent with i2 Telecom
In order to enter this information in the Voicent software, travel to Setup > Options > SIP > Add. Here you can add a new SIP account.

Display Name: The name you want to display in the account
SIP ID/User ID: This is your i2 Telecom SIP/Authorization ID
Domain: This is your i2 Telecom Registrar information
Authorization User: This is your i2 Telecom SIP/Authorization ID
Password: This is your i2 Telecom SIP Password (not your account password!)

I’ll be using the following settings:
Display Name: My Name
SIP ID/User ID: 1516000000
Authorization User: 1516000000
Password: Your SIP password

Other Relevant Information
You need to setup your Stun Server
We use for the stun server. You could use yours, the result should be the same.

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