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Voicent Release 10: What's New?

Voicent Communications has released its newest software, Version 10. Voicent software has gone through a complete makeover, unifying everything into a single dashboard, called the Voicent Application. This isn't just a visual change however, we've also unified the data underneath the hood to give users more control over how their campaigns and customers/leads are managed. The unification of Voicent software is aimed at providing ease of use for our users, while also allowing for a much broader and fine-tuned set of functionality.

Release 10 is driven by the addition of the Voicent CRM, a powerful customer-engagement tracking tool that gives agents the ability to instantly gauge the customer in terms of their position in the sales process. The Voicent CRM goes one step further to help your organization by allowing the creation of custom CRM fields and lead statuses, so that you can build the sales pipeline that works best for you.

Customers produce data every second, and that allows you as sales or support team to get to know them better. This is what makes the Voicent CRM so powerful: it collects the data you decide, and provides easy access to it in the form of regular CRM records, as well as in-depth reports. The Voicent CRM produces more powerful customer interactions, by allowing you to use customer-specific data when crafting campaigns or just talking on the phone/ in an email. Personalized marketing has a lot of momentum in today's economy, and Voicent wants to make it easier for businesses to take advantage of it.

Voicent has always aimed to produced high quality communications software for both inbound and outbound sales teams, so it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that we've added powerful sales and marketing automation tools into the latest release. These automation tools use triggers like the call status (live answer, answering machine, etc.) and user-defined dispositions (interested, not interested) to invoke an action, which is usually setting a CRM field for later use. This minimizes the amount of time your agents are doing routine tasks related to record-keeping, but it also allows you to then turn around and create campaigns based on the CRM data your system is tracking. Furthermore, you can create campaign messages (VOIP, SMS, Email) that get triggered by these very same events.

A good example of how to use automation, is by setting up a disposition to set the CRM field "category" to "cold lead" (or a better user-defined one) and set "contact status" to "Machine Answer". Now that we've done this, any leads we miss during our calling campaign will be labeled cold leads. Now, we can make sure all customers that are missed during our campaign are followed up with in the next few days, so we can set up an automated action to email our CRM records with category => cold lead and contact status => machine answer.

For more information on our CRM, visit the product detail page. Interested in trying it out? Click here for a free shareware version of our software.

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