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 IVR Platform and Application

The shareware version of Voicent software offered for free, unlimited trials, is identical to licensed versions, except that it includes a brief, Voicent advertisement in each call or message and, in some products, limits the number of calls or messages that can be made per campaign.


After purchase, you will receive a license key that will remove all advertising and per-campaign usage restrictions from the licensed product.

System Requirements

Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/Win7/Win8

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 IVR Platform and Application

Current Release

Release 9.2.0 (June 15, 2014)

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The download includes Voicent application software: BroadcastByPhone, BroadcastBySMS, BroadcastByEmail, Agent Dialer, AutoReminder, Call Center Manager, Dashboard, IVR Studio, Flex PBX and Telephone CRM . It also includes developer's platform Voicent Gateway. You can choose any program to install and try.

If you cannot download the program for any reason, or you want to make a copy of the software, you can download the package as a single executable file Release 9.2.0 and run setup.exe from the downloaded file.

Voicent Dashboard software only

To enable an agent to login, answer and make calls from a different computer, you only need to download Voicent Dashboard software. It is much smaller and faster than the main package.


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Voicent Advantages

  • One time purchase, use forever
  • No monthly fee, no contract
  • Easy setup in less than 10 minutes
  • Works on any PC
  • Works with VOIP, PBX, phone line
  • Feature rich and yet easy to use
  • You can try it before you buy it
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