CRM Overview

Effortless CRM Powered by Communications Tools.

Voicent CRM helps you manage customers, accelerate your sales pipeline, and have total control over your business processes. With our feature-rich CRM software, you can automate your business workflow with phone, text, and email capabilities.

Seamless CRM Software Integration

Plug and play Voicent CRM with...

  • Voicent Auto Dialer
  • Voicent Predictive Dialer
  • Voicent PBX Phone System
  • Voicent Outbound Call Center
  • Voicent Inbound & Outbound IVR
  • Voicent Email and SMS Marketing
  • Voicent Phone and SMS Surveys
  • Voicent Inbound Call Center

You can plug and play any Voicent software with the CRM to produce seamless marketing campaigns, sales efforts, and customer service. Voicent's voice, text, email software can use your contact lists in the Voicent CRM without any integration or extra steps.

Easy to Use

Manage contacts with a few simple clicks

With Voicent CRM, you can get started in minutes with the point and click CRM import wizard and easy contact management tools. We also provide customizable fields and display options so your CRM fits your business perfectly.

CRM Contact Management Tools
  • CRM Import Wizard
  • Save Search Filters
  • Custom CRM Fields
  • Custom Sales Pipeline Categories
  • Custom Displays
  • Automatic Opt Out Management
  • Point and Click Contact Management
  • Agent Access Management
  • Custom Agent Roles
  • Manage Agent Permissions
Business Automation

Manage your business effortlessly

Get More Leads

WIth Voicent CRM marketing tools, you'll get high quality leads delivered right to your doorstep. Voicent CRM captures leads for you by automatically creating CRM records from web forms, phone calls, and emails.

  • Capture leads by phone, email, web
  • Track website visitors and web forms
  • Nurture leads with workflow triggers
Accelerate Sales

Track customers through their journey with custom milestones and progress detection. Our CRM helps quicken the pace of closing deals and frees up your agents' time through sales automation.

  • 360 degree activity tracking
  • Record daily sales and potential deals
  • Monitor agent performance and activity
Deliver Quality Service

Callers will love your customer service when you use Voicent CRM's automatic CRM record popup screens. When you use IVR Studio with Voicent CRM, you can even play different phone menus based on the caller's pipeline stage.

  • Custom caller experience based on CRM category
  • Automatic CRM popup on phone calls
  • Agent performance tracking

Automate your workflow with voice, text, and email

Voicent allows you to harness the power of multi-channel customer engagement by providing dialers, PBX, and IVR software that connect seamlessly to Voicent CRM. With these tools, you can automatically send emails, schedule follow up calls, and trigger text messages--all without lifting a finger.

With workflow triggers, you and your employees won't have to manually change CRM record information. Voicent CRM will do it for you. For example, if a lead makes a payment over the web, Voicent CRM can automatically change the lead's category from "Lead" to "Customer". The email drips sent to this lead will automatically switch to your "Customer" email drip. Plus, a text message alert, for instance, can be sent to one of your agents about the new purchase.

On Premise CRM

When you buy on-premise Voicent software, we make sure you get the most out of your purchase. On-premise software purchases get you a lifetime software license that you never have to renew. Simply buy once and own it for life.

Voicent CRM is easy to use, scalable, and affordable!   Voicent CRM Features