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Sanofi is a global healthcare leader focused on patient’s needs, engaged in research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of health products, with a diversified offer of medicines, vaccines, and innovative therapeutic solutions for a wide range of audiences.

Sanofi’s long history includes some of the major scientific advances of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and the reputations of major industrial laboratories in the development of chemistry, pharmacy, and medicine. We strive to reduce healthcare inequalities in the U.S. by making strategic charitable donations and by establishing partnerships with non-Government organizations that have a broad expertise in our long-term priorities. In all of our activities, we commit our energy and expertise to patients and address the veritable needs and realities of each market. Our passion is a cornerstone of what we do, because health matters in any situation.

The Problem

Over the past few years we’ve tried a number of auto dialer systems. Either the press-1 campaigns don’t work, the servers don’t send out all of its designated calls, or the system just flat out doesn’t work. It’s frustrating because we’re trying to excel sales within our department and without reaching to a wider horizon of consumers it makes our jobs much more difficult by manually sending emails and calls. Without having our phone calls going out, our message doesn’t reach its intended audience inevitably leading to a company with no sales. We had to find an alternative for broadcasting our message because the usual ways weren’t working for us. We wanted to have individuals to be aware of the health benefits we offer and the lives we change.

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"I have been working with different dialer systems over the past 10 years. I would have to say Voicent by far is the best I have ever experienced."

The Solution

We had stumbled upon Voicent’s website a few years back and we’re instantly impressed by its product page and how we could pay a onetime fee and obtain the software for life. Moreover, we have thoroughly inspected the free trial it offered and as soon as we sent our first few hundred calls we knew we needed this product. We then proceeded to their support line and they walked us through the entire process from when we purchased our new and improved software to setting up our campaigns. The whole process went smooth and was extremely efficient. Richard Baumgardt, employee within the sales department at Sanofi, states, “I have been working with different dialer systems over the past 10 years. I would have to say Voicent by far is the best I have ever experienced.”

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