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Los Altos Hills, California

Voicent Dialer Helps Candidates Win Elections

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In the town of Los Altos Hills, California, candidates who used Voicent Auto Dialer won their elections with 100% success rates.

It was during a meeting with our campaign team in which we discussed it would be an adequate decision to look for a product that could automate our more tedious and tiresome work. Automation in the workplace opened the doors to new possibilities such as efficiently spending our time on more important tasks around the office. Having our full force working on specific aspects of our campaign, such as events, allowed us the ability to excel immensely. While more work was being done we could reach heights we couldn’t reach before which inevitably leads to a bigger candidacy.

The Problem

Before we would have our volunteers send individual texts from their personal phones which as you can imagine is huge pain. We realized having our volunteers comb through spreadsheets and send out individual text messages was an inefficient way of getting our message out. Sometimes we couldn’t get our message out to the entire list of recipients, which decreased the attendance rate for our events. The idea to make a change was very clear. We wanted our whole team to be focusing their time and energy on top priority activities and duties.

Did you know? Voicent Auto Dialer is a one-time purchase. You can use it for as long as you like with no per-text or subscription fees. You can send thousands of simultaneous calls from a single computer and view real time results. With Voicent's text-to-speech plugin, you can create messages with each recipients name and other personalized information. Learn More


“Broadcast By Phone was a great product that helped us in many ways. This is the product to use for anyone running for public office, wishing to contact their customers, or even calling for school phone trees!”
- Los Altos Hills Mayor Candidate, Craig Jones

The Solution

      Voicent’s products provided us with a great way to broadcast our campaign with ease. It would have taken us hundreds of hours to call and text every member of our community. Their broadcast by phone was a huge success for our campaign, by letting us appeal to the masses and having our events sent out to thousands of people through a phone call or text we produced a very populous appearance. We use their auto dialer and text broadcaster quite often, we roughly launch about 50 to 80 campaigns every month in which every campaign includes approximately a few thousand contacts. Los Altos Hills Mayor Candidate, Craig Jones states, “The Voicent automatic dialing program was an effective boost to my City Council campaign. It complimented my direct mail and personal contact in a very cost and time-effective manner.” Voicent’s platform grants the ability to generate reports and gather statistics for its broadcast by SMS and phone software’s. Furthermore, it can record calls for quality assurance, as well as it can be used for playback in the future. This was a huge benefactor for us because we could listen to these messages and work accordingly towards the campaign. We estimated that our calls reached virtually 100% of the homes in our town giving off a personal touch each call. It was great knowing that all our residents heard from me personally.

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