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JSB Insurance Services want their consumers to have a bright and secure future.

Obtaining insurance can be a confusing and difficult process. It is our goal to help people with their insurance needs and help manage the risks of everyday life by providing everyone with all the information necessary to obtain insurance for automobiles, motorcycles, watercrafts, homeowners, and renters. As your broker, we are continuously refreshing the market during renewal cycles to make sure you are still getting the best rate for your money. If we find you a better rate, we will let you know of the opportunity instantly to help you save. JSB has helped thousands of customers find the best insurance policies since inception.

The Problem

According to Joshua Bekhor, CEO of JSB Insurance Services, “Initially, we used a company that was based online. The benefit to using an online company is you didn’t need very much computing power to utilize their service as everything was hosted on their end.” He also states, “The ugly downside using their service is you have to upload all of the contact information for your prospects you were going to dial and therefore they had access to information which was not only valuable but the key to the success of your business.” Being a company where secrecy and security is viable, as well as where financial partitioning is intact and in full effect, the cost for one of these services is approximately $100/month or equivalently $1200/year. Our online service additionally caused risk for critical clientele data.


Did you know? Voicent Predictive Dialer increases agent productivity by auto dialing recipients and only connecting you when a live person answers. You can automatically leave voicemails, retry busy tones, and see automatic CRM popups for each call.
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"I had purchased the Predictive Dialer roughly 4 years ago and I cannot be more impressed by the software. It not only saved my business, but grew to heights I thought were unreachable."

The Solution

      We had found Voicent around 4 years back to fix our issue. Joshua states, “Voicent’s agent dialer has a higher upfront cost, but if one amortizes over a period of time understanding that the software continues to produce indefinitely, the long-term benefits and the long term savings are immeasurable.” I had purchased the Predictive Dialer roughly 4 years ago and I cannot be more impressed by the software. It not only saved my business, but grew to heights I thought were unreachable.

      It increased agent productivity by auto dialing and skipping no answer and disconnected phone lines. In a situation where this occurs, the software can optionally leave a voice message on the answering machine for your recipient. However, if a beneficiary picks up the call, then the recorded message is played and the software opens a window conveying the person’s name and phone number for your agent’s convenience. Bekhor said, “I have recommended and I will continue to recommend Voicent to anyone in any business that requires at least 20 phone calls to prospects per day. The system allows you to call the prospect, the system allows you to leave voicemails automatically, and most importantly the system allows you to input status updates on the fly which can export to multiple programs upon completion.”

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