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SPi Global is one of the world's largest and most diversified Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service providers in terms of clients, geographic presence, and capabilities.

SPi Global has defined the highest standards of excellence together with our clients for Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Their global team of over 18,000 dedicated BPO professionals makes this possible. SPi Global also provides domain expertise in the customer interaction, healthcare, and publishing markets. They also provide services across a wide range of industries, including banking and financial services, government, information technology, media, nonprofit organizations, retail, and travel. Through their key competencies, they support the vibrant BPO industry worldwide.

The Problem

      In 2013, SPi Global began looking for a new call center platform. SPi hoped to increase the efficiency of its agent activity and improve customer satisfaction levels. SPi was intrigued by the fact that Voicent offers complete business automation which include CRM, outbound dialing, and inbound PBX solutions.

Did you know? Voicent Auto Dialer is a one-time purchase. You can use it for as long as you like with no per-text or subscription fees. You can send thousands of simultaneous calls from a single computer and view real time results. With Voicent's text-to-speech plugin, you can create messages with each recipients name and other personalized information. Learn More


"What we liked about their CRM is that it fully and automatically integrates with their Auto Dialer software. They also designed some IVR applications to work with our system."




"We simply click and drag what we need into place, and then we’re done. Immediately, we can test the new configuration. When we’re ready, we can go live right away."

The Solution

      After choosing the Voicent Contact Center solution, SPi’s internal administrators began customizing its IVR scripts and call queues, which allowed a more efficient, streamlined call structure.

      Voicent's powerful software allows us to interact and filter with customers. When a SPI customer calls in, the customer can press one on their keypad for e-commerce assistance, two for accounting help, and three for scripting. Inside each of those options is the appropriate support representative. One agent may be in several queues because of their skill set, while another may only be in one or two. Voicent is very flexible and lets us control who gets every type of call. When SPI needs to change its IVR scripts and queues, Voicent makes it easy. We simply click and drag what we need into place, and then we’re done. Immediately, we can test the new configuration. When we’re ready, we can go live right away.

      With Voicent we excel! The feedback on Voicent from SPI agents has been very positive. Because we didn’t make any dramatic changes in how the IVR or queues looked, it only took a half hour training session, and our agents were ready to go. It was a seamless transition. The Voicent platform makes work easier for SPI agents.

      Voicent provided great support by analyzing calls and by using their Auto Dialer software in conjunction with their Call Center Manager software they were able to solve our problems very quickly. Additionally, Voicent developers customized the CRM software to suit our specific needs.

      SPi has dramatically improved call quality by choosing the right VoIP service provider of their choice. Recently I met with 60 of my team leads and agents, and not one person said they were experiencing call quality issues. There’s been a huge improvement.

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"Voicent provided a number of tools out of the box—such as call recording, reports, and customized IVR tools—that we could only get from other providers if we customized their solution. So we went with Voicent."

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