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Answer more questions after a bulk text campaign

if I send out a bulk text message using this software would I be able to respond to individual customers through this software as questions arise? Would I be able to respond through my cell phone? Would I be able to receive customer questions through my cell phone after sending out a bulk text? If not can I access the program through my cell phone and then respond through my cell phone while using the program? I really appreciate your time

Voicent’s 2-way text message solution is powerful and flexible to handle most situations. For general information, please take a look at the article How to manage incoming text message.

When you use our cloud service, the text message feature comes with a dedicated phone number. Customers can text you any time. Based on your settings, these incoming text can be handled by auto responders automatically, or forwarded to a particular agent/user. If there is a new text message, the agent will see a notification in the top status bar. He can then read the message and respond to it manually. All these are done in a web browser window.

If a cell phone is used to login to your Voicent account, you can respond to these messages the same way as you do on a computer. (The text message is sent from your account, not from your cell phone company).

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