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Skype Connect offers 5,000 minutes for $30

Business users of Skype’s SIP-based Skype Connect service are being offered opportunities to buy 5,000 minutes for only $30. That comes to about six-tenths of a cent per minute. Considering that wholesale bulk line charges are about half-a-cent per minute that’s an amazingly generous offer.

By using SkypeConnect, Voicent software can be configured to connect to its service directly, without using the Skype softphone software. This increases simultaneous-call capacity. It also makes Windows 7 systems Skype “friendly” (Skype 3.8 cannot be used on Windows 7).

According to Skype, Skype Connect allows up to 300 monthly channel subscriptions per SIP Profile and you can have multiple SIP Profiles per device.

For more information and step-by-step directions for configuring Voicent software to use Skype Connect visit: Use SkypeConnect For Voicent Software.

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