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Manage Contacts Using Voicent CRM

Voicent software relies on Voicent CRM to manage data, such as contacts, contact lists, call history, and sales potentials. You can generate a campaign call list from the CRM, with specific criteria. For example, your call list can be anyone with a phone number in the 650 area code.

Manage your CRM contacts

Contacts: Features

  1. The CRM contacts page
  2. The CRM contact detail page
  3. Click to call, click to email, and click to text
  4. Search and do advanced searches, with mass updating
  5. View and specify related records: organizations and potentials

By using Voicent CRM to manage contact lists, Voicent Auto Dialer can easily create and manage campaign call lists. In addition to campaign results, each contact record also contains all campaigns in its engagement history. There are 4 types of call lists in the system.

  • Pre-defined list, such as “today’s leads”
  • List defined based on campaign results
  • List defined by search criteria
  • List based on lead source (imported list)

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