Downloading and Installation

To download the Voicent App, visit the downloads page and get the shareware version of the software for free. Once you’ve completed the download, run the file to install our software. After making a purchase, you can request and install a license. For information, read more on licensing.

Voicent software is a powerful communications platform, but before you can experience that you have to setup your phone, text, and email services.

We have some support articles to help you setup your VOIP, SIP trunk, and PBX services. For those who require analog phone line integration, we offer some documentation for that as well.

Try and run your first campaign. We have tutorials on how to run Auto Dialer and Predictive Dialer campaigns. For those of you handling calls within Voicent Software, you’ll need to get familiar with the Agent Dashboard.

If you’re interested in inbound calls we have Auto Attendant and PBX Extension articles to get you started.

Still having trouble? Take a look at our installation FAQs.