Business Automation

Voicent’s Business Automation tools are designed to perform the daily tasks your business does with little to no effort. A great example is following up with leads that fill out forms on your company website. With our Workflow tools, you can send out calls to new leads immediately after they submit their information to your site.

To start off, you should try creating a web form to collect leads on your website. Voicent’s platform allows you to easily convert form submissions directly into CRM records for your agents to engage. To get more advanced, you can try redirecting those leads to a Landing URL, which initiates web-tracking functionality on your site. These two simple steps allow you to easily track and record where your leads are on your site, so your agents can quickly diagnose what kind of lead is on the phone, and how to best cater to their needs.

More advanced users will want to check out our Trigger and Workflow Progress functionality. These tools are designed to react to specific CRM events like a new lead being added, and produce automated results, like Auto Dialer and Predictive Dialer calls to the lead’s work phone. These systems are in place so that routine tasks like introductory emails or informative offers are handled automatically by Voicent.

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