Appointment Reminder

The Appointment Reminder is a great integration to your CRM software. The Appointment Reminder offers extensive functionality for reaching out to customers at specific time intervals. In order to maximize the efficiency of our solution, try reading up on how to do some of the following tasks.

Download and Install

First, download the software and follow the onscreen instructions of the installer to install the software.

Configure Phone Service To Use

Voicent software can use several phone services: VOIP phone service (such as SkypeConnect, Vonage Softphone, Callcentric, any SIP trunk provider, etc), PBX system with SIP extensions (like Cisco, Avaya, Asterisk, etc), or traditional analog phone service.

For testing purpose, it is easier to configure the software to use a VOIP service or PBX’s SIP extension. For more details, please see Quick Start Guide, which also comes with the installation package. If you have enterprise edition, please take a look at Enterprise Edition Setup Guide also.

Make a Quick Test Call

Double click on the time slot in the calendar window to create a new appointment. Enter name and phone number, select “Reminder Call” and choose Call time to be “Right Now”. Click the OK button. The system should call you and you can enter 1 to confirm or 4 to record a message.

Still stuck? Here are the FAQs.