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How to Reinstall Voicent Software

When attempting to download and install multiple versions of Voicent software for upgrading or downgrading purposes, there’s a chance you may install two conflicting versions. If this happens, our software may tell you to reinstall the software.

To create a completely “clean” install of your Voicent software you’ll need to do a few simple tasks:

  • Uninstall all Voicent programs using your Control Panel

  • Rename Voicent folders inside Program Files (x86) and **ProgramData to Voicent.old

  • Download and Install Latest Version available on the downloads page

**ProgramData is a hidden directory. In order to access it, you either need to type C:\ProgramData into your File Explorer or unhide hidden folders on your File Explorer.

If you have any questions please feel free to respond, or email

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